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Bolivia Country of Contrasts

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Bolivia Country of Contrasts


Highlight placesSanta Cruz, Samaipata, Sucre, Potosi, Salt Lake (Salar de Uyuni), La Paz, Titicaca Lake (Lago Titicaca). 

Lenght: 8 Days/7 Nights 

Stars in: Santa Cruz - Bolivia 

Ends in: Puno – Peru| 

Minimun: 02 Persons 


DAY 1 

Santa Cruz. 

Airport reception and transfer to the hotel. 

In the afternoon city tour through the main attractions of the city, walk through the central "24 de Septiembre" main square, surrounded by historical buildings; Visit the Etnofolclórico and Natural History museums, finishing the tour in Arte Campo, to appreciate traditional handicrafts of the region carried out by native women from different communities. 

Overnight in Santa Cruz. 


DAY 2 

Santa Cruz - Samaipata 

Breakfast, lunch. 

After breakfast, complete day excursion to Samaipata, located 120 km from the city of Santa Cruz, an archaeological site located at the top of a hill, apparently was a ceremonial center and its location also allowed to fulfill astronomical activities, place where diverse pre-Colombian cultures settled down until being turned into the Inca empire, used for strategic, magical and religious purposes; Visit to the Archaeological Museum and shops of local handicraft, Samaipata was named Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO. Return to Santa Cruz. 

Overnight in Santa Cruz. 



Jesuit Missions: San Javier - Concepción 

Breakfast lunch. 

Visit to San Javier Village (4 hours from the city of Santa Cruz), the first mission established by the Jesuits in the region of Chiquitos, with a large square and in its surroundings are the church, cemetery, schools, art workshops and houses. The church of three naves is of Baroque style built in 1749 and restored in 1987, has wooden ceiling and supported by columns carved and carved in "cuchi" as the doors of the temple. 

Visit to the Concepcion Village (2 hours travel from San Javier) Located in "La Gran Chiquitanía", it is the most imposing of the circuit of Chiquitos, the Jesuit church of Baroque style built in 1752 and restored in 1982, basilica of incomparable beauty, with wood carved columns, altars and paintings made by locals, is called "La Joya Misional" (The missionary jewel) was declared a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO; Visit to artisan workshops, vivariums and surroundings. 

Return to Santa Cruz. 

Overnight in Santa Cruz. 


DAY 3 

Santa Cruz – Uyuni  

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Transfer to the airport to board the flight to the city of Uyuni. Reception in Uyuni. After breakfast, the tour starts with a visit to the "cemetery of trains", where you will see "skeletons" of locomotives and wagons across the "Altiplano" (high attitude bolivian desert), remind us of a successful Bolivian mining past. Excursion to the Salt Lake (Salar de Uyuni), visiting the village of Colchani, located at 20 km from the city of Uyuni which is the obligatory stop on the way to the majestic Salt Lake, a crafts market located on the main street, artisanal proccesing salt plants, the cut and manual extraction of salt blocks; the first "Salt Hotel" built entirely with salt blocks; the route also visits the Grotto of the Galaxies, underwater cavern formed in the previous stage to the glaciations, conformed by volcanic eruptions solidified at the moment they contacted water; The cave of the Devil, which contains pre-Colombian buildings inside. 

The day concludes with the magical experience of seeing the sunset from this place, which is considered as a magical moment painted with strong red and orange like flashes of fire. 


Accommodation night in Uyuni or Colchani. 


*At night the sky becomes a vault with flashes of billions of stars, that can be seen on the horizon with no need to move your head up; the number of shooting stars that can be observed and the perception of the constellations, make this moment a wonderful experience. 

During rainy season, only a few millimeters of water cover the surface of the Salt Lake and like magic the line between earth and sky disappears, the stars descend from the sky by the water reflex. 

* (As long as the overnight is spend in Colchani or around the Salar Lake) 


DAY 4 

Uyuni - Incahuasi Island 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Excursion to Incahuasi Island, characterized by its formations of limestone rock, with remains of corals and marine shells, full of capricious caves and giant cactus of 8 to 10 m. height; The tour also includes the Tunupa volcano, a sacred mountain revered by pre-Colombian and Inca culture, the volcano offers also beautiful contrasts of colors, "bofedales" (a type of wetland, a high-altitude peat bog that acts like a giant natural sponge) that houses some species of birds, also visit an archaeological center where mummified rest of ancient cultures remains. 


Optional: Ascent to the volcano Tunupa (trekking) 

Return to the city of Uyuni. Transfer to the terminal. Departure by bus to the city of La Paz. 

Night aboard the bus. 


Optional: One-hour daily flights. (Does not consider dinner). 


DAY 5 

La Paz. 


In the afternoon, City Tour and Moon Valley, guided tour that starts with the visit to typical markets in the city of La Paz, such as handicrafts markets, the exotic market of witches, where you can find articles related with rituals celebrations, medicinal plants and incense smokes that structure a colorful picture with singular originality; The traditional Church of "San Francisco", built with stone with a door  carved with Baroque blend with native motifs. The "Murillo Square" or "Plaza de Armas", the traditional "Calle Jaen" with museums that presents the history and national identity. 

Tour inside the modern cable car system that offers a panoramic view of La Paz city, bus ride through residential neighborhoods of the city, to finally visit the incomparable Moon Valley, received its name after Neil Armstrong visited the site and remarked how the landscape resembled that of the moon.  

Overnight in La Paz 


DAY 6 

La Paz - Tiwanaku 

Breakfast, lunch. 

After breakfast, excursion to Tiwanaku, a pre-Inca archaeological site (1,500 b.c.) located 72 km from the city of La Paz, in the Bolivian highlands; known for the monuments and admirable lytic sculpture; The tour visits the great temple of Kalasasaya, built with big stones, the Puma Punku pyramid, ruins that show the great stones used in its construction and the use of staples for its union, the "Puerta del Sol" (Sun's door), lithic portal worked in one single block of stone, the most wonderful example of perfection work of construction reached by this culture. 

Overnight in La Paz 


DAY 7 

La Paz - Copacabana. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

After breakfast, at 08:00 am. visit the Sanctuary of Copacabana, an Andean village located on the shores of the "Lago Sagrado" (Sacred Lake) of Incas and Sanctuary of the "Virgen Morena". Excursion across the Titicaca Lake aboard a typical boat to the "Isla del Sol" (Sun's Island), place of great natural beauty with great terraces of crops and the blue lake in the background, considered as a legendary place where the Inca dynasty began at the head of Manco Capac (male) and Mama Ocllo (female); The island holds remains of the ancient civilization, such as the Yumani stairs, the fountain of Eternal Youth and the viewpoint from where you can see the incomparable beauty of Titicaca Lake and the majesty of the Andes. 

Night lodging in Isla del Sol. 


DAY 8 

Copacabana - Puno 

Breakfast, lunch. 

After breakfast, return to Copacabana to visit the downtown of Copacabana, the Moorish style church and artisan markets. In the afternoon departure to Puno. 

Note: The program can be started in Puno

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