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Enjoying the Andean Zone of Bolivia

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Enjoying the Andean Zone of Bolivia


Highlight placesLa Paz, Titicaca Lake, Potosí, Salt Lay (Salar de Uyuni), Red Lagoon (Laguna Colorada) y Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde), Sucre city.  


Stars in: La Paz – Bolivia 

Ends in: La Paz – Bolivia 

Minimun2 persons 


DAY 1 

La Paz - City Tour and Moon Valley. 


Reception and transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon, City Tour and Moon Valley, guided tour that starts with the visit to typical markets in the city of La Paz, such as handicrafts markets, the exotic market of witches, where you can find articles related with rituals celebrations, medicinal plants and incense smokes that structure a colorful picture with singular originality; The traditional Church of "San Francisco", built with stone with a door  carved with Baroque blend with native motifs. The "Murillo Square" or "Plaza de Armas", the traditional "Calle Jaen" with museums that presents the history and national identity. 

Tour inside the modern cable car system that offers a panoramic view of La Paz city, bus ride through residential neighborhoods of the city, to finally visit the incomparable Moon Valley, received its name after Neil Armstrong visited the site and remarked how the landscape resembled that of the moon.  

Transfer to the terminal. Departure by bus to the city of Uyuni. 

Night aboard the bus. 



DAY 2 

Uyuni- Salt Lake (Salar de Uyuni)  

Breakfast, lunch, dinner 

Reception at bus station. After breakfast, the tour starts with a visit to the "cemetery of trains", where you will see "skeletons" of locomotives and wagons across the "Altiplano" (high attitude bolivian desert), remind us of a successful Bolivian mining past. Excursion to the Salt Lake (Salar de Uyuni), visiting the village of Colchani, located at 20 km from the city of Uyuni which is the obligatory stop on the way to the majestic Salt Lake, a crafts market located on the main street, artisanal proccesing salt plants, the cut and manual extraction of salt blocks; the first "Salt Hotel" built entirely with salt blocks. Excursion to Incahuasi Island, characterized by its formations of limestone rock, with remains of corals and marine shells, full of capricious caves and giant cactus of 8 to 10 m. height.  

At night the sky becomes a vault with flashes of billions of stars, that can be seen on the horizon with no need to move your head up; the number of shooting stars that can be observed and the perception of the constellations, make this moment a wonderful experience. 

During rainy season, only a few millimeters of water cover the surface of the Salt Lake and like magic the line between earth and sky disappears, the stars descend from the sky by the water reflex. 

Accommodation night. 


DAY 3 

Salt Lake - Red Lagoon 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

After breakfast, visit to Ollagüe neighborhood, an active volcano, located on the border of Bolivia and the Chilean region of Antofagasta, whose formation dates from 3 to 4 million years, which can be observed from a viewpoint. Visit to lagoons Cañapa, Hedionda, Chiarcota and Honda, habitat of three species of flamingos and also other smaller birds. The Siloli Desert route, with unique landscapes surrounded by sand and mountains, the Stone Tree, with a height of almost 5 meters, it's a eroded rock of volcanic origin modeled by the action of wind. Finally visit to Red Lagoon (Laguna Colorada) located inside the National Reserve of Andean Fauna call Eduardo Abaroa, close to Potosi highlands near the border with Chile. The red coloration of its waters is because the sediments of red color and pigments of some algae types. 

Accommodation night. 


DAY 4 

Green Lagoon - Uyuni. 

Breakfast, lunch  

After breakfast, excursion that starts with the visit to "Sol de Mañana" Geysers with emanations of sulfur vapors and heavy water, craters of different colors, fumaroles, thermal waters with the chance of taking baths; visit Dali Desert, desert of 110 km. squares that stands out for its bleak and arid landscape, some areas with strange and isolated rock formations recall the landscapes reflected in Salvador Dalí paintings. Visit the Green Lagoon of salt water and emerald green color due to its high content of minerals such as magnesium, calcium carbonate, lead and arsenic that provoke its incomparable color; Beautiful view of the volcano Licancabur. 

Return to Uyuni visiting the Valley of Rocks, Villa Alota. 

Accommodation night in Uyuni 


DAY 5 

Uyuni – Potosi. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

After breakfast, transfer to Potosí city. Reception and transfer to the hotel. 

After lunch, visit the "Cerro Rico de Potosí", an excursion inside the silver mountain will be carried out, where you will see the hard work of minerals manual extraction, this activity is still the basis of local economy. Miners don't forget their secular traditions, originating strange and mystical rituals of religion and paganism, without doubt is an exciting experience to know their myths, legends, sacrifices and hopes. 

Overnight in Potosi. 


DAY 6 

Potosi - Sucre.  

Breakfast, lunch. 

After breakfast, City Tour which starts from the main square "Plaza 10 de Noviembre" or "Plaza de Armas", located in the urban center of the city, surrounded by buildings from colonial period, including the colossal Basilica of the main Cathedral, in a baroque style. "La Casa de la Moneda" founded in 1572, great building from colony times, was constructed for coins mint by the Spanish period in America. After lunch, visit the Museum of "Santa Teresa" a monastery of the "Discalced Carmelites" founded in 1685, considered one of the best museums of sacred art. 

Transfer and exit to the city of Sucre at 17: 00. Reception and transfer to hotel. 

Overnight in Sucre. 


DAY 7 



After breakfast, City tour begins with the visit to "La Casa de la Libertad" (Freedom House), located at the main square "Plaza 25 de Mayo", whose infrastructure was built in the early seventeenth century, where the Assembly proclaimed the Bolivian Independence; Then the Franciscan Monastery of Recoleta, a peaceful place to contemplate the city, colonial buildings, churches, convents and the solar clock, San Lázaro church, Santo Domingo church, well known and frequented because keeps the image of the Lord Of the Great Power (Señor del Gran Poder), the Textile Museum Asur, where you will find an exposition of textile art from Jalkas and Tarabucos, whom maintain their textile traditions until this day, the San Felipe Nery Convent  from whose vaults and terrace you can observe much of the city and finally a tour to the main historical monuments of the city. 

Overnight in Sucre. 


DAY 8 

Sucre - Jatum Yampara. 

Breakfast, lunch. 

After breakfast, excursion to Jatun Yampara, indigenous village located 23 km from the city of Sucre, this village rescues the values of Yampara culture, one of the oldest cultures of the continent characterized by its typical houses, colorful clothing and the native indigenous costumes, people dedicated to the Andean agriculture, the elaboration of textiles, ceramics and handicrafts. Visit the textile, archeological and agricultural museum of the community. 

Overnight in Sucre. 


DAY 9 

Sucre – La Paz. 


Transfer to the airport to take the flight to the city of La Paz. 

Reception and transfer to the hotel. Free afternoon. 

Overnight in La Paz 


DAY 10 

La Paz - Tiwanaku 

Breakfast, lunch. 

After breakfast, excursion to Tiwanaku, a pre-Inca archaeological site (1,500 b.c.) located 72 km from the city of La Paz, in the Bolivian highlands; known for the monuments and admirable lytic sculpture; The tour visits the great temple of Kalasasaya, built with big stones, the Puma Punku pyramid, ruins that show the great stones used in its construction and the use of staples for its union, the "Puerta del Sol" (Sun's door), lithic portal worked in one single block of stone, the most wonderful example of perfection work of construction reached by this culture. 

Overnight in La Paz. 


DAY 11 

La Paz - Copacabana. 

Breakfast, lunch. 

After breakfast, at 08:00 am. visit the Sanctuary of Copacabana, an Andean village located on the shores of the "Lago Sagrado" (Sacred Lake) of Incas and Sanctuary of the "Virgen Morena". Excursion across the Titicaca Lake aboard a typical boat to the "Isla del Sol" (Sun's Island), place of great natural beauty with great terraces of crops and the blue lake in the background, considered as a legendary place where the Inca dynasty began at the head of Manco Capac (male) and Mama Ocllo (female); The island holds remains of the ancient civilization, such as the Yumani stairs, the fountain of Eternal Youth and the viewpoint from where you can see the incomparable beauty of Titicaca Lake and the majesty of the Andes. Return to Copacabana. Departure to La Paz, transfer to the hotel. 

Overnight in La Paz. 


DAY 12 

La Paz. 

Transfer out.

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