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Short extension to Bolivia

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Short extension to Bolivia Bolivia


Highlight PlacesTiticaca Lake, La Paz city, Salt Lake (Salar de Uyuni). 

Lenght: 5 days /4 nights 

Starts in: Puno – Peru 

Ends in: La Paz - Bolivia 

Minimun: 2 persons 

DAY 1 


Puno – Copacabana – La Paz. 


At 7:00 am transfer to the terminal to board the tourist bus to the majestic Sanctuary of Copacabana, an Andean village located on the shores of Sacred Lake of the Incas and the Sanctuary of the "Virgen Morena". Tour across the Titicaca Lake aboard a typical ship to the Sun Island (Isla del Sol), place of great natural sights with impressive crop terraces with the blue lake as background, considered as a legendary place where the Inca dynasty started at the command of male Manco Capac and female Mama Ocllo; The island holds places of the ancient civilization, such as Yumani stairs, the "Fountain of Eternal Youth" and a viewpoint from where you can see the incomparable beauty of Titicaca Lake and the majesty of the Andes. 

Return to the city of Copacabana to meet the people, walk to the church of Moorish style. Departure to the city of La Paz, transfer to hotel. 

Overnight in La Paz. 


DAY 2 

La Paz - Uyuni 

Breakfast, dinner. 

Reception and transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon, City Tour and Moon Valley, guided tour that starts with the visit to typical markets in the city of La Paz, such as handicrafts markets, the exotic market of witches, where you can find articles related with rituals celebrations, medicinal plants and incense smokes that structure a colorful picture with singular originality; The traditional Church of "San Francisco", built with stone with a door  carved with Baroque blend with native motifs. The "Murillo Square" or "Plaza de Armas", the traditional "Calle Jaen" with museums that presents the history and national identity. 

Tour inside the modern cable car system that offers a panoramic view of La Paz city, bus ride through residential neighborhoods of the city, to finally visit the incomparable Moon Valley, received its name after Neil Armstrong visited the site and remarked how the landscape resembled that of the moon. Transfer to the terminal. Departure by bus to the city of Uyuni. 

Night aboard the bus. 


DAY 3 

Uyuni - Salt Lake (Salar de Uyuni) 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Reception in Uyuni. After breakfast, the tour starts with a visit to the "cemetery of trains", where you will see "skeletons" of locomotives and wagons across the "Altiplano" (high attitude bolivian desert), remind us of a successful Bolivian mining past. Excursion to the Salt Lake (Salar de Uyuni), visiting the village of Colchani, located at 20 km from the city of Uyuni which is the obligatory stop on the way to the majestic Salt Lake, a crafts market located on the main street, artisanal proccesing salt plants, the cut and manual extraction of salt blocks; the first "Salt Hotel" built entirely with salt blocks; the route also visits the Grotto of the Galaxies, underwater cavern formed in the previous stage to the glaciations, conformed by volcanic eruptions solidified at the moment they contacted water; The cave of the Devil, which contains pre-Colombian buildings inside. 

The day concludes with the magical experience of seeing the sunset from this place, which is considered as a magical moment painted with strong red and orange like flashes of fire. 

Accommodation night. 


DAY 4 

Uyuni - Incahuasi Island 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Excursion to Incahuasi Island, characterized by its formations of limestone rock, with remains of corals and marine shells, full of capricious caves and giant cactus of 8 to 10 m. height; The tour also includes the Tunupa volcano, a sacred mountain revered by pre-Colombian and Inca cultures, the volcano offers also beautiful contrasts of colors, "bofedales" (a type of wetland, a high-altitude peat bog that acts like a giant natural sponge) that houses some species of birds, also visit an archaeological center where mummified rest of ancient cultures remains. 


Optional: Ascent to the volcano Tunupa (trekking) 

Return to the city of Uyuni. Transfer to the terminal. Departure by bus to the city of La Paz. 

Night aboard the bus. 

Optional: One-hour daily flights. (Does not consider dinner). 



La Paz. 


Transfer out. 

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